Corporate pricing

Do personal responsibilities interfere with the business productivity of you and your employees? If so, we can help your business. 

PLM offers a corporate pricing structure, based around the number of individuals/employees you wish to provide access to the account. Whether you want to offer our time as a pre-tax benefit to employees, or increase the productivity of your C-Suite executives, PLM has you covered.

                                    1-3 Named Employees          4-6 Named Employees          7-10 Named Employees

  50 Hours                              $3,500                                         $4,200                                          $4,900

  100 Hours                            $6,000                                         $7,200                                          $8,400

  250 Hours                            $12,500                                       $15,000                                       $17,500

Custom corporate packaging is available, so feel free to contact PLM to discuss how we can best cater to your needs, and the needs of your company.